We didn’t invent the crystal ball,
but we’re pretty damn close.

We dig into massive amounts of data to provide insight for large industries as no one has before. We see problems before they even arise.

We take on the hardest problems.

We’re looking at big data through the lens of big industry. The scale is unimaginable; the impact of our solutions unprecedented.

Our data scientists wear steel-toe boots.

Literally. We work from the ground up, starting with data scientists in the field—whether that’s a rail yard, a triage unit or a power plant—to build answers exactly when and where they’re needed.

We solve problems in cancer genomics
that make trains run faster.

We take what we learn in one industry and apply it to all. The result? Unexpected and powerful discoveries that make our solutions smarter and our predictions more accurate.

We move at the speed of software,
not hardware.

We’re entrepreneurs. It’s in our blood to move fast, go with our gut and push limits. We aren’t bound by notions of how things should be. We’re too busy inventing what they could be.